dr seuss horton hears a who

Dr. Seuss Horton hears a who
it is a book written and illustrated
by Theodor Seuss Geisel(DR.Seuss).
This book was published in 1954 by Random House.
In this book, the story elaborates on Horton the elephant and his adventure saving the whoville,
a minor planet located on a speck of dust from the animals who mock him.
These animals try to steal and burn dust stains, so Horton goes to great lengths to save the whale from burning.

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dr seuss hears a who, is the second book in which Horton had an elephant appearance, the first of which is Horton Hatch the Egg. W. Who reappears after how the Grich stole Christmas! The book’s central theme, “A man is not as small as Fred,” was Jaisal’s reaction to a visit to Japan, where Fred’s importance was new. Gazelle, who was strengthening anti-Japanese sentiment before and as a result of World War II in January, changed his views dramatically after the war and published the book The American War on the Country. The atmosphere after was to get. Use as a theory for yourself.

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