Allama Iqbal married life | Wives Of Iqbal | Allama Iqbal Wife Name

Allama Iqbal Married Life   Allama Iqbal married life. Iqbal got married three times. An offer came after the third marriage, but Iqbal did not accept it. Wives of Iqbal Wives of Allama Iqbal are as follows. Karim Bibi, Mukhtar Begum, and Sardar Begum. First Marriage: Iqbal was 18 years old when he married in […]

Allama Iqbal family history | Iqbal forefathers history

  Allama Iqbal family history   Allama Iqbal forefathers were Barhamin (Hindu) in religion. but in the 17th century, they became Muslim by a  Sayed. after becoming Muslim, Syed Named him Salleh this was all happen because they impressed too much by Syed’s generosity, Morality, and polite manner.  Salleh married Salleh’s daughter . after that, […]