Hamdardi poem by Iqbal | Allama Iqbal poem

Hamdardi poem by Allama Iqbal

Hamdardi poem by Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal poem hamdardi in urdu

بانگ درا


(ماخوز ازولیم کوپر)

ٹہنی پہ کسی شجر کی تنہا
بلبل تھا کوئ اداس بیٹھا
کہتا تھا کہ رات سر پہ آئ
اُڑنے چگنے میں دن گزارا
پہنچوں کس طرح آشیاں تک
ہر چیز پہ چھا گیا اندھیرا

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سن کر بلبل کی آہ و زاری
جگنو کوئ پاس ہی سے بولا
حاضر ہوں مدد کو جان و دل سے
کیڑا ہوں اگر چہ میں زرا سا
کیا غم ہے جو رات ہے اندھیری
مَیں راہ میں روشنی کروں گا
اللّہ نے دی ہے مجھ کو مشعل
چمکا کے مجھے دیا بنایا
ہیں لوگ وہی جہاں میں اچھے
آتے ہیں جو کام دوسروں کے

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Hamdardi poem by Allama Iqbal in English



(Azulim Cooper)

Alone on a branch of a tree
There was a bubble, someone was sitting sad
He used to say that night came on his head
Spent the day flying
How do I get to Ashian?
Darkness covered everything

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Hear the sigh of the bubble
Jagnu spoke to someone nearby
Attend to help wholeheartedly
I am a worm even though I am a little bit
What a grief that night is dark
I will light the way
Allah has given me a torch
It made me shine
People are where I am good
The work of others comes

Bang -e- Dara

the call of the marching bell (bang-e-Dara) book by Allama Iqbal, the first philosophical book, was originally published in Urdu in 1924.

this book was written in almost 20 years by Iqbal and divided into 3 parts.

This book was named after a bell that was used to awaken the people during traveling, and with the same thoughts, Allama named his book as his purpose was to awaken the Hindustan’sple of His poetry, poem, and ghazals.


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