Allama Iqbal family history | Iqbal forefathers history


Allama Iqbal family history


Allama Iqbal forefathers were Barhamin (Hindu) in religion. but in the 17th century, they became Muslim by a  Sayed.

after becoming Muslim, Syed Named him Salleh

this was all happen because they impressed too much by Syed’s generosity, Morality, and polite manner.

 Salleh married Salleh’s daughter . after that, they become known as ‘Baba Salleh’.

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Migration to Pakistan

During the World war of independence  1857,

the Children of baba Salleh,

due to the strictness of Kashmiri leaders, along with many families they travel to Sialkot and stayed here.

Family members

Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Grandfather’s name was Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq. he had two sons.

One was Sheikh Noor Muhammad (which was Allama Iqbal’s father) and the other one was sheikh Ghulam Qadir.

Sheikh Ghulam Qadir was the employer of the water department. he died in Ropra district Ambala, India.

Sheikh Noor Muhammad married to Imam bibi. Imam bibi was illiterate but very generous and humble.

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Allama Iqbal’s father Sheikh Noor Muhammad profession

Iqbal’s Father himself was illiterate but due to the company of Educated peoples, he had very deep knowledge.

people Often called him an illiterate philosopher.

Many people came to him to learn the explanation of difficult words in books.

Sheikh Noor Muhammad early profession was as a textile person at the Garden of  Dipti Wazeer Ali balgrami where

Concert held jointly of Muslims and Hindus.

Imam bibi do never accept this money because she thinks that in this salary interest is involved, which is unacceptable in Islam.

that’s why when Allama Iqbal was Born,

her Mother did not feed her own milk and by selling her jewelry she bought a goat and feed him.

after some time, Allama Iqbal’s father left his job and started his own business as a tailor of the hat.

Soon he became very famous around.

Allama Iqbal’s brothers and sisters

Sheikh Noor Muhammad had Two Son and Three daughters. (some people say, four daughters)

Elder Son Name was Sheikh Atta Muhammad and Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal(Allama Muhammad Iqbal).

Allama Iqbal’s father died Almost at the age of 90 in 1929.

And Mother Passed away before his father almost 15 years.

Both’s Tomb is Near Imam sahib Sialkot.


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