what pet should i get? Book by dr.seuss

It is a children book written
by dr. Seuss was published in 2015. this book was believed to be written
between 1958 and 1962, the book describes the Adventure of Jay and kay from
Seuss ‘ One fish, two fish, redfish and bluefish” in their attempts to buy
a pet.



Jay and kay, a young brother and sister in a pet store, are trying to choose a pet.
They think about multiple possible pets as their deadline of noon approaches.
Finally, they settle on a pet whose identity remains unrevealed.


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After Theodor Seuss Geisel died in 1991, his wife Audrey Geisel renovated their house. Geisel went through her husband’s paper

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with his assistant, Claudia Prescott, donating most of his material to the University of California, San Diego.
However, a few sketches and unfinished projects were collected and left not donated.
In 2013, Geisel and Prescot went through for the first time closely through his drawings and projects.

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This pet shop was rebuild for publication by a goldsmith, who also colored the white and black illustrations. the book
was published by random house in July 2015 as what pet should I get?

Random house reported it would likely publish two additional volumes based on the material found in the box.

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